About Us

DiLollo Chiropractic was established in 1993. Dr. Frank DiLollo was born and raised in this area, and wanted to be a part of the community where he is raising his own family. Meet Dr. Frank

Helping You Reach Your Health Goals

We are here to help people get what they want and value out of life. Our care and recommendations are based on the patient’s needs and goals.

Our recommendations are centered on the patient. Our motto is “We want what you want.”

Our Mission

Our purpose is to help as many people as possible, express their fullest potential by leading, inspiring, and education through natural chiropractic care.
Patients who have awareness, willingness and ability to receive care.

Many times our patients just want to know “What happened to me? And WHY?” The answer to that question simply put, is: Your body has been overwhelmed by stress from one form or another. That in turn, misaligns your spinal bones which creates nerve irritation.

At DiLollo Chiropractic, we correct that nerve irritation to help your body to work optimally.

Our Hope For Scotch Plains/Fanwood

It’s our hope that people in our community are knowledgeable enough to know that chiropractic care can, in many ways, reduce needless suffering. We want to let people know what is possible for them.

Receiving adjustments is amazing! Chiropractic care is:

  • stress-free
  • non-invasive
  • simple

We understand that many in the general public still don’t understand what we do.

It’s our goal to help bring awareness to the benefits of chiropractic and to help the community of Scotch Plains to better health through an optimally functioning nervous system.

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