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Dr. Frank DiLollo




"Dr. DiLollo has helped me In many ways, extreme dizzy spells and headaches which I no longer have. After shoveling heavy snow, it was the place to go for relief. Thanks Doc."

- Carol H.

"Thank you and your family for being so compassionate! I truly appreciate you taking time from your off hours to take care of me, so I can feel better and walk. Most caring chiropractor anyone can ask for! I highly recommend Dr. DiLollo!!!!"

- Maestra F.

"My family and I have been going to Dr. Frank for almost 19 years and he is the absolute best in the business. He genuinely cares about all of his patients and provides tremendous relief and treatment in all areas relating to your spine and overall well being. I highly recommend Dr. Frank to anyone who would like to feel their best, not just for back issues, but for your immune system as well. Thanks Dr. Frank for all the attention you have given my family over the years."

- Jeff N.

"Best Chiropractor ever! Helped me out of severe pain and the best part of it was , it never happened again."

- Ann A.

"Dr. Frank cares about my health, and it shows."

- Annia C.

"No More Chronic Pain
“I had severe chronic back pain for 10 years. I was impressed that Dr. Frank could do something that no one else ever had. I no longer have chronic pain all the time!”

– Kellie G.

"Asthma Better In Two Months
“I’ve had Asthma since I was two, my Dad was skeptical Dr. Frank could help me. I took as many as eight different medications and saw a pulmonologist often I suffered almost my whole life and I got better in only two months. I don’t take meds anymore! PRICELESS!!”

– Andrew B.

"Pain Free!
I came to see Dr. DiLollo to get help with pain… in my neck, back and left arm, I was also having digestive problems. Within a month I saw 100% improvement, I was pain free, had much better mobility, and less digestive issues. What I like most about DiLollo Chiropractic is the adjustment technique, no cracking sounds!”

– Susan G.

"Dr. DiLollo is dedicated, informative and he listens to your concerns."

- Frank P.

"Friendly, Welcoming, Efficient & Upbeat
I own Apple Blossom flower shop right next door to DiLollo Chiropractic. I suffer with pain in my legs and back and I deal with asthma issues. After my first adjustment I noticed immediate relief. I found I had more energy and less pain. The staff at DiLollo Chiropractic are great their friendly, welcoming, efficient and upbeat!”

– Lisa M.

"Walk On Water? They May Be Right!
“I was told by family and friends that Dr. Frank practically walked on water. For over 15 years I have suffered from chronic knee pain bilaterally. I have damage to both knees and a knee replacement was recommended. After treating, I started to see some improvement, I can move around with less pain. I no longer have to think knee replacement surgery is my only option. So they may be right!”

– Joe L.

"Dr. Frank is a 360° Health Advocate
“Before chiropractic my primary care physician had prescribed muscle relaxers but they upset my stomach and did nothing for my neck. What was causing the pain was not being addressed.Dr. DiLollo’s method (Activator) is much more precise than standard manual manipulation. I like the fact Dr. Frank stresses 360 health maintenance by looking at exercise, nutrition and stress management.”

– Maureen F.

"A Dramatic Difference
“I would have periods where I would cough for days and it interfered with my school work and when I played sports. After a couple of weeks of treatment with Dr. Frank I noticed a difference, I feel better now. Dr. Frank and Connie are nice and you can get in and out fast… no waiting!”

– Alex L.

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