Digestive System


From certain highly organized cells, the innate intelligence created pigments — marvels of color combination for the eyes, the skin, and the hair. There is red for the arterial blood; blue color combinations for the blood in the veins; yellow and green colors for the manufacture of bile; purple for the spleen; black for the choroid of the eye, the blues, the browns, the greens of the iris of the eyes; the brown of the freckles; the black, brown, yellow or red of the hair; and so on, ad infinitum. 

Functioning in the body are chemical processes and actions far beyond the comprehension of the world’s greatest chemist. Mysteries of medicines, enzymes, colors, hormones, “magical” actions that, be it remembered, are always tending towards health unless the encroachments of wrong living interfere with the functioning of the innate intelligence. 

The organs of the digestive zone include your liver, gallbladder, stomach, pancreas, and intestine. When this system has a disturbance, you can put the best organic food “fuel” into your body, but it is unable to reap the nutrient value. Many people are malnourished because their body is unable to break down the food into the proper usable elements. Also, some people combine foods improperly. Just as in the chemistry lab, if you put certain chemicals together, they explode. This causes much stress on the digestive zone. 

Physical, mental, or chemical stress can cause a disturbance in the brain center as well as a spinal misalignment or subluxation in the coinciding digestive nerve channels. This misalignment interferes with the proper brain/nerve signals traveling to your digestive organs creating a multitude of diseases and problems.


Perfect Digestive Health:

  • normal weight
  • normal bowel movements
  • normal function of gallbladder, liver, kidneys, pancreas, stomach, etc.
  • normal digestion and assimilation of all foods
  • normal blood sugar levels

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